Beijing Clinic started with only two small offices and one worker. It commenced with only the Acupuncture and Therapeutic Massage Department. Currently, Beijing clinic has grown from an initial 2 beds capacity to 40 and also has the following departments: Diagnostic, Treatment, Account, Filing, and Out-patients Department. The Diagnostic Department of the clinic include laboratory, ECG and ultrasound scan. It is the place where diseases are diagnosed using modern western equipment, traditional and scientific Chinese medicine for treatment. The Treatment Department include consultation room, treatment room, pharmacy, traditional herbal decoction, acupuncture and therapeutic massage, cupping and physiotherapy.

The clinic also provides general healthcare delivery services such as general medical examination and preparing of boiled Chinese herbal medicine for various diseases and even though its specialism is in treating stroke, heart problems and hepatitis. We offer complete scientific and integrated medical services, prevention and treatment of general diseases like hypertension, diabetes, malaria, typhoid fever, menstruation disorder, sexual weakness, lumbar spondylosis (back pain) among others, to individuals and families.


The Consultation Department of Beijing Clinic has a medical consultation facilities which is located at the ground floor of the clinic. The clinic has two experienced medical alternative doctors. We provide the following consultation services:

  1. Out-patient consultation and examination
  2. Explicit and adequate explanations to medical result as well as medicines for easy understanding
  3. Detailed explanations on the causes of illness
  4. Providing of dietary advice


The Department of Diagnosis is where diseases are diagnosed using western equipment and traditional Chinese herbal medicine for treatment. It provides diagnostic services for patients of Beijing Clinic. It has a routine laboratory, electrocardiogram (ECG) and ultrasound scan, which are well equipped with modern medical equipment. We are able to provide laboratory services such as hematology, microbiology, immunology, specimen collection, and so on. As a fundamental component of health care, the diagnostic unit such as laboratory, ECG and ultrasound scan provides essential evidence base information which result in the guaranteed quality of health care provided for patients. The ultrasound scan diagnoses the organs, vessels, and tissues of patients- without needing to make an incision. The clinic always ensures consistent and dependable diagnostic services to correctly assess and manage patients with various illnesses. It provides the highest quality of suitable and proficient laboratory services, and also ensures excellence in Chinese herbal research with highly knowledgeable and experienced team.

The Diagnostic Department is managed by Philip Antwi.


The scientific Chinese herbal centre is also another core area of the pharmacy department. The centre has modern traditional drugs such as capsules, pills, tablets, injections from active ingredients of Chinese herbal medicines, which did not exist in the olden days. We also have latest herbal injection or infusion for blood circulation, treatment of stroke, malaria and other diseases. The modern scientific Chinese herbal medicines are more effective and has proven especially efficacious in the relief of patient’s illness. For instance, antesonate injection and tablet, which are typical examples of modern scientific Chinese medicine is used in treating malaria. In Beijing Clinic, we apply the best scientific traditional Chinese herbal medicine in the treatment and prevention of diseases.

The Pure Herbal Medicine Centre forms an essential component for Traditional Chinese Medicine of the clinic. TCM identifies and treats illness and prevents disease but, just as essentially, enhances health, well-being, and sustainability in our lives and in our world. Essentially, Chinese herbal medicine is the preferred method for treatment and prevention of diseases. Our pure traditional Chinese medicines are applied for the management, prevention and treatment of chronic and acute medical conditions and variety of ailments such as stroke, heart diseases, hepatitis, diabetes, hypertension among others.


  1. Preparing of boiled traditional Chinese herbal medicines, in a form of teas for treatment of special and chronic diseases.
  2. Dispensing of raw Chinese herbs to patients.
  3. Providing adequate information, in easy-understand words, on the use of the herbal medicines in order to ensure the safety of the patients and efficacy of the medicines.
  4. Dispensing of other processed Chinese herbal medicines in the form of syrups, rubs, capsules, injection, traditional pills, tablets that contain a ground or powdered form of a raw herb or its dried extract, ointment among others to patients.
  5. Other herbal medicines such as oral liquids, medicated wines, suppositories, medicated plasters

The objective of the centre is to make available high quality wide-ranging TCM services for our patients.


The Treatment Department include treatment room- injection or infusion room, acupuncture, acupressure, therapeutic massage, guasha, cupping and physiotherapy.

It is one of the vital departments of Beijing Clinic which provides comprehensive system of medical practices such as acupuncture, cupping, therapeutic massage, acupressure and physiotherapy herbal and scientific infusion for treatment of diseases. Our experienced medical professionals work thoroughly with patients in order to render a holistic level of treatment to all of our patients.


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