Description: This product is a capsule preparation containing the mass of faint brownish-yellow or chocolate brown powder with strange flavor and mild-bitter taste.

Action and Indications: Benefiting Qi and promoting blood circulation, removing blood stasis to dredge collateral. It is applicable to Qi sufficiency due to blood stasis, obstruction of collaterals leading to stroke of meridians and collaterals, hemiplegia, numbness of body and four limbs, wry mouth with distorted eyes, stiff tongue and retardation in speech and chest paralysis, chest distress, palpitation, and short breath; the common symptoms include cerebral infarction, angina of coronary heart disease and so on.

Usage and Dosage: To be taken orally, 2-4 capsules each time, 3 times a day or consulting with your physician.

Packing: Packaging with plastic-aluminum board, 2×18 capsules per box.

Approval NO.: Guo Yao Zhun Zi Z20025001(China); FDB/HD.12-8094(Ghana)

Characteristic: Anti-atherosclerosis, protecting vascular endothelium, stabilizing plaque of atherosclerosis; It is applicable to improve modern lifestyles disease It is applicable to the primary and secondary prevention of cardio-cerebral vascular

Glory: There are more than 2 million patients that are taking the NXT 400 Capsule per year, which is one of the most famous product in the Chinese cardio-cerebral vascular drug market.

stroke cure cycle

Patient after few days treatment

Patient after few days treatment

patient saved from stroke attack

after few days treatment stroke patient can do exercise well

Patient got stroke attack 15 yrs still very fit


The specialty of Beijing Clinic in terms of providing medical health care falls on the treatment and prevention of stroke, though it also provides treatment for other diseases like heart problems, diabetes and so forth. Uniquely, the clinic has a promising treatment or healing practices in treating stroke.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), practised in China for over thousands of years and widely used today, is the core medical practice of the clinic in providing efficacious treatment for people with stroke. In practical terms, it has rich history of clinical experience in terms of stroke treatment as well as quick recovery of it. Comprehensive system of medical practices that are commonly used include acupuncture, cupping, therapeutic massage, acupressure, physiotherapy, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and scientific Chinese herbal infusion, which are usually used individually or in combination in clinical practice.

Also, in helping people recover from stroke, traditional and scientific Chinese herbal medicines are applied. Traditional Chinese herbal drugs like Danshen (red rooted salvia), Huag Qi (astragalus mongholicus) among others and NXT 400 Capsules, a scientific traditional Chinese medicine with special efficacy for stroke, are widely or commonly used in Beijing Clinic. The NXT 400 has an obvious effect in preventing stroke by improving blood circulation, dispersing blood stasis and reducing cholesterol, which is the main cause of the disease. Interestingly, the Clinic does not only diagnose, treats and prevents stroke but, just as importantly, optimizes health and sustainability in the lives of the patients. This medical perspective is applied by commending movement therapies, dietary advice as well as how to handle stress to support the patient’s treatment.

At Beijing clinic, various testimonies from stroke patients has really shown the astonishing effect of Traditional and scientific Chinese herbal medicines and practices on treating, improving and preventing stroke disease. The clinic will continue to play helpful medical function in treating and preventing stroke in Ghana and for other foreigners.


As a more practical approach in treating stroke, Beijing Clinic has partnered one of the best companies in China that has medicine to treat cardio-cerebral vascular disease. A typical example of such drug is NXT 400, which has obvious effect on the treatment and prevention of stroke, heart diseases among others.

The company’s products are widely used in Asia, Europe, Africa, America, and Australia and its technology is supported by the central government in China. Also, it has its own university to research into herbal medicines. Many diseases can be treated using medicine from this company we have partnered. It is the best drug in treating stroke in China and doctors prescribe it for their stroke patients.

Beijing is the sole agent for Buchang Pharmaceutical Group Company in Ghana. Any health institutions and practitioners who wish to use the products of Buchang Pharmaceutical Group Company can contact us for bulk purchases.

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