Beijing Clinic, which was established in July 1995 by Doctor John Jiang Aijun, specializes in the treatment of stroke, heart diseases and hepatitis. It is the premier Chinese clinic in Ghana that provides specialized medical treatment for patients using acupuncture, therapeutic massage and acupressure. More importantly, it uses both traditional and scientific Chinese herbal medicines, which almost have no side effects. The clinic is well recognized by Traditional Medicine Practice Council in Ghana (TMPC) of which Dr. John Jiang Aijun is one of its special advisors. He is also the General Secretary of Ghana Traditional Chinese Medical Association. Beijing Clinic is also called to serve as special advisory body on the National Technical Committee of Ghana Standard Authority in 2015 for standard traditional medicine development.


Beijing Clinic Ghana

Dr. Kwame Nkrumah excellence in enterprise award. Track records of outstanding performance in enterprise

Beijing Clinic Ghana

Dr. Kwame Nkrumah Africa Leadership Awards

Beijing Clinic Ghana

Herbal/Alternative Medicins Excellence Award

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Locate us at Osu Anumansa Street, Behind Papaye Restaurant

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